Qhapaq Ñan The grand Road of the Incas6000 km across the Andes

The partners.

Collaboration with experts and archeologists

This project has been achieved with the collaboration of the following experts and archeologists:

  • Ricardo « El Caminante » Espinosa – Lima, Peru
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    After a degree in philosophy from the Universidad Católica in Lima and a Masters in graphic design, Ricardo began his long walk along the arid Peruvian coast in 1995. Traveling alone, he covered the 4000 kilometers between the Ecuadorian and Chilean borders in 134 days. Soon after, he published a guide “El Perú a toda Costa” that became an immediate success

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    Allen Putney, World Conservation Union (IUCN),
    World Heritage Commission – Nevada, USA

    Allen Putney is currently based in the Western U.S., works as an international consultant on protected areas, and serves as the Vice Chair for World Heritage of the World Commission on Protected Areas.

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    Antonio Fresco, Central Bank of Ecuador, Cultural Service – Quito, Ecuador

    Originally from Galicia, Spain, Antonio has been a naturalized citizen of Ecuador since 1983.

  • Eduardo Guerrero, World Conservation Union (IUCN) South America - Quito, Ecuador

  • Stephen Edwards, Conservation International - Quito, Ecuador

  • Miriam Torres, The Mountain Institute - Huaraz, Peru
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    Miriam E. Torres is a specialist in the management of forests, protected areas and community-based tourism in those areas.

  • Carmen Miranda, SAVIA – La Paz, Bolivia
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    Biologist, Carmen is Vice President for the South American Commission for Protected Areas of IUCN (World Conservation Union).

  • Daniel Gutierrez, Universidad Major de San Andres - La Paz, Bolivia
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    Daniel is an archeologist connected with the Institute for the Investigation of Anthropology and Archeology of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz.

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    Christian Vitry, The Museum of High Altitude Archaeology (MAAM) -
    Salta, Argentina

    High mountain archeologist Christian Vitry has participated in a number of investigations related to high altitude ceremonial sites in the Argentinean Andes.




Union Mondiale pour la nature

The Mountain Institute

Conservation International

Grupo Randi Randi


MAAM – Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montaña  (The Museum of High Altitude Archaeology of Salta)